Custom enquiry


Do have jewellery that you have inherited from a loved one and it’s just stuck in a drawer?
Do you have broken bits of preloved jewellery that you don’t want to part with?
Would you like to send a bespoke gift to someone special which incorporates your precious trinkets?

We would be delighted to create your bespoke suncatcher, simply get in touch and together we can create your own unique suncatcher incorporating your own personal treasures mingled with a fine assortment of our extensive vintage crystal collection, you can even incorporate one of our bespoke fused glass creations! (contact us for further details)

I am sure you’ll agree that it’s a perfect way to remember a loved one or a special memory or place in time.

Prices range from £30 upwards dependant on your suncatcher length and quantity of lengths requested (as you can see in the photographs we can make your suncatcher as big as you like!)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your bespoke Sun-Catcher as we take time and pride in all our work and want nothing more than happy customers.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Tree & Sarah. XX